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Chapter 3: Five Modifications of Mind

Why, when you are happy, does it look impossible? Because you are open, life is flowing in you. When you are happy you have a bigger soul, expansion. When you are unhappy you have a smaller soul, it shrinks.

When someone is unhappy touch him, take his hand into your hand - you will feel the hand is dead. Nothing is flowing through it - no love, no warmth. It is just cold, as if it belonged to a corpse. When someone is happy touch his hand: there is communication, energy is flowing. His hand is not just a dead end, his hand has become a bridge. Through his hand something comes to you, communicates, relates. A warmth flows. He reaches to you. He makes every effort to flow in you and he allows you also to flow within him.

When two persons are happy they become one. That’s why oneness happens in love and lovers start feeling that they are not two. They are two, but they start feeling they are not two because in love they are so happy that a melting happens. They melt into each other, they flow into each other. Boundaries dissolve, definitions are blurred and they don’t know who is who. In that moment they become one.

When you are happy you can flow into others and you can allow others to flow in you: this is what celebration means. When you allow everybody to flow in and you flow into everybody, you are celebrating life. And celebration is the greatest prayer, the highest peak of meditation.

In misery you start thinking of committing suicide; in misery you start thinking of destruction. In misery you are at just the opposite pole of celebration - you blame, you cannot celebrate. You have a grudge against everything. Everything is wrong and you are negative and you cannot flow. You cannot relate and you cannot allow anybody to flow into you. You have become an island, closed completely. This is a living death. Life is only when you are open and flowing, when you are unafraid, fearless, open, vulnerable, celebrating.

Patanjali says mind can do two things. It can create misery. You can use it in such a way that you can become miserable.you have used it this way, you are past masters of it. There is no need to talk much about it, you know it already. You know the art of how to create misery. You may not be aware, but that is what you are doing continuously. Whatsoever you touch becomes a source of misery - I say, whatsoever!

I see poor men, they are miserable, obviously. They are poor, the basic needs of life are not fulfilled. But then I see rich men, they are also miserable. And these rich men think that wealth leads nowhere. That is not right. Wealth can lead to celebration - but you don’t have the mind to celebrate. So if you are poor you are miserable, if you become rich you are more miserable. The moment you touch the riches you have destroyed them.

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