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Chapter 8: For the Sake of Harmony

These miserable people cannot tolerate any happy person. These miserable people are so deep in misery that any happy person creates great jealousy, creates great restlessness in their being - they cannot tolerate it. The very presence of a happy and a rebellious person shows them how unreal they are. The happy, the true person becomes a comparison.

I am not saying that by relaxing, by accepting your being, by being in a Taoist attitude, you will not have any misery - I am not saying that. You will be happy. You will have much pain, you may have to suffer many sufferings, but still you will be happy. And all those sufferings will add to your taste, they will give salt to your life.

I am not saying that the path is full of roses - there are thorns, they always come with the roses. Wherever you find one rose you will find a hundred thorns. But still I say, go for the roses. The thorns have to be suffered but it is worth it. Those roses are so valuable that the suffering is nothing. If you want to avoid the thorns you will never have roses - that’s what you have been doing, Anando, up to now. You have been avoiding the thorns so you are missing the roses. They always come together. You will be miserable - and only miserable. Your misery will be empty misery.

Jesus also goes through pain but his pain is full of joy - that is the difference. Three persons were crucified on that same day - two thieves were also crucified. On either side of Jesus was a thief. They were both crying and weeping but Jesus was silent. And people were throwing stones and saying ugly things and insulting Jesus as much as they could, but Jesus was silent, as silent as if nothing was happening.

One of the thieves became interested. This was rare. He was crying and weeping and he was not being insulted. Nobody cared about him. The whole insult was directed towards Jesus. And then he heard Jesus saying to God, “Father, forgive these people because they don’t know what they are doing.” When the thief heard this he could not believe his ears. He said, “So it seems you really are a son of God. Bless me before you go.” And Jesus said, “Don’t be worried. You will be with me in the company of God, in the kingdom of God, today.” In that moment of illumination, in that moment of understanding, the thief became transformed. He died silently, and a peace surrounded him. He was happy to die with Jesus. He became part of Jesus. Then he did not cry, then death didn’t matter, then he was moving into a deeper and higher life.

The other thief was crying and weeping - and also dying. Both the thieves were dying but in a different way. One was simply dying, another had a vision of a higher life. One’s misery was empty, another’s misery became full of joy.

This is the difference between people. There are miserable people, painful people, whose misery is empty, for nothing. And there are tremendously happy people who are very rare, they also suffer. Sometimes they suffer more than other people because they never avoid anything, they go headlong into things.

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