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Chapter 6: The Door to the Wild

Health is not something to be attained somewhere, it is not an object. Health is a totally different way of living. The way you are living creates disease, the way you are living creates misery.

For example, people come to me and they say they would like to be happy, but they cannot drop their jealousy. If you can’t drop your jealousy, love will never grow - the weeds of jealousy will destroy the rose of love. And when love does not grow, you will not be happy. Because who can be happy without love growing? Unless that rose blooms in you, unless that fragrance is released, you cannot be happy.

Now people want happiness - but just by wanting, you cannot get it. Wanting is not enough. You will have to see into the phenomenon of your misery, how you create it - how in the first place you became miserable, how you go on becoming miserable every day - what is your technique? Because happiness is a natural phenomenon - if somebody is happy there is no skill in it, if somebody is happy it needs no expertise to be happy.

Animals are happy, trees are happy, birds are happy. The whole existence is happy, except man. Only man is so clever as to create unhappiness - nobody else seems to be so skillful. So when you are happy it is simple, it is innocent, it is nothing to brag about. But when you are unhappy you are doing great things to yourself; you are doing something really hard.

Listen to my statement: To be miserable needs great expertise, to be miserable needs great cleverness and cunningness. To be miserable needs hard arduous work - tapascharya. To be miserable is very difficult - how people manage is almost a miracle.

To be happy is very simple. Look into the eyes of a cow. Look, the dog goes on resting. Look at a cat, the way she purrs. Everything seems to be happy and there is no problem about it! Except man.

So the first thing to be understood: people are afraid of happiness. Why? There is a subtle thing to be remembered: in misery you are - that’s why you cling to misery. In happiness you disappear - that’s why you are afraid of happiness. In happiness the ego cannot exist. The ego is unnatural, the ego is artificial, the ego is not really there, it is only a belief. When you are miserable, all the misery and all the artificiality of the misery becomes a prop to the ego. The ego can exist with the misery - things go perfectly okay, they are in tune. If misery disappears all props disappear, and the palace of ego starts falling down.

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