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Chapter 13: Child of the Universe

If you are miserable it is your own work, it is your own creation, it is your own decision. You can instantly change - you can drop it all. It is not natural. To be miserable is an unnatural state; to be blissful is just natural, so there is not much of a problem. Once you understand it, that somehow you have lived in a state of unconsciousness, that’s why you have created all kinds of anxieties around you.. If you wake up those dreams will evaporate.

Meditation simply means waking up - it is time, it is always time. Wake up!

Being a sannyasin simply means that you have decided to remain no more in an unconscious state. And the moment you wake up, all misery disappears. Suddenly you find all is joy, all is bliss, all is benediction. Your very being is the kingdom of God. Jesus says again and again, “The kingdom of God is within you,” and you are seeking it outside; that’s why you are miserable. It is inside and you are seeking outside - you will never find it. Hence the broken dreams, the drudgery, the boredom, the fed-upness, the tired, exhausted feeling and the constant complaining, grumbling mood. You are surrounded by noes.

You can live as a yes, and to live as a yes is to be religious. To say, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” to existence is to be religious.

Enough for today.