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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

You will really be in a difficulty with me because your mind would like the same, because that gives you time. And I don’t give you time. I say that you are already that. Everything is ready. Start the feast, celebrate it! Your mind says, “But I have to get ready, a little time is needed.” That’s why, in this postponement, preachers come in. Through this gap they enter into your being and destroy you. They say, “Yes, time is needed. How can you celebrate right now? Prepare, train yourself. Many things have to be discarded, many things have to be improved. You need a long training and discipline. It may take many lives, and only then will you be able to celebrate. How can you celebrate right now?” They appeal to you because then you can relax and you can say, “Okay, so if it is a question of a long time, right now is not the problem. We can go on doing whatsoever we are doing.” Some day in the future, a golden tomorrow, a rainbow-like thing.. When it is achieved, you will dance.

Meanwhile you can be miserable; meanwhile you can allow yourself to be miserable; meanwhile you can enjoy self-torture - it is up to you. If you decide for misery, no need to create so much philosophy around it, you can simply say, “I enjoy misery.” It is really surprising that nobody ever asks, “How can I be miserable right now? A discipline is needed, training is needed.I will go to Patanjalis, and ask great masters, and then I will learn how to be miserable.”

It seems that to be miserable needs no training; you are born to be miserable. But then why does bliss need training? Both are two aspects of the same coin. If you can be miserable without training, you can be blissful without training. Be natural, loose, and just feel things. And don’t wait - start! Even if you feel that you don’t know the right steps, start dancing.

I am not saying that dancing is going to be your art. For art, training may be needed. I am simply saying that dancing is just an attitude. Even not knowing the right steps you can dance. And if you can dance, who bothers about the right steps! - dancing in itself is enough. It is an overflowing of your energy. If it becomes an art by itself, it’s okay; if it doesn’t become, it’s okay. In itself it is enough, more than enough. Nothing else is needed.

So don’t say to me, “You are at the peak of consciousness.” Where are you? Where do you think you are? Your valley is in your dreams. Your darkness is because you remain with closed eyes; otherwise you are there where I am.

It is not that you are in the valley and I am at the peak. I am at the peak and you are also at the peak, but you dream about the valley. I live in Pune, you also live in Pune. But when you fall asleep, you start dreaming about London and New York and Calcutta, and you visit thousands of places. I don’t go anywhere; in my sleep also, I am in Pune. But you go wandering. You are at the same peak where I am, it is just that you remain with closed eyes.

You say, “It is too dark.” I talk about light and you say, “You must be somewhere else on a high peak. We are ordinary people living in darkness.” But I see that you are sitting on the same peak with closed eyes. You have to be beaten out of your sleep, shocked. And then you will see that the valley never existed. Darkness was not there; only your eyes were closed.

Zen masters do well. They carry a staff and they beat their disciples. And it has happened many times that, when a staff is descending on the head of a disciple, suddenly he opens his eyes and starts laughing. He never knew that he was on the same peak - it was a dream that he was seeing.

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