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Chapter 17: The World Is Where the Work Is

He hugged me and told me, “You have done such a tremendous job that I feel ashamed. It looks like my book is a translation and your book is the original! And I am not going to publish it because that would destroy my whole reputation. You have also made comments which I agree with - you are right and my examiners were wrong. I was wrong, my examiners were wrong.”

So he kept the translated thesis with him and never allowed anyone to see it, never allowed anyone to publish it.

I said, “You wasted my two months unnecessarily!” I said, “Just to compensate, now you have to come with me to Jabalpur.” It was one hundred miles from the university, where he was professor, to the marble rocks. “I would not let you die without seeing it.”

But he said, “Howsoever beautiful it is, I have seen the whole world” - he had been a world traveler - “I have seen everything that is worth seeing. What can be there?”

I said, “I cannot describe.you just come with me.” And I took him there. He was asking again and again, when we were moving in the boat, “Do you call this the most beautiful place?”

I said, “You just wait. We have not entered into it yet.” And then suddenly the boat entered into the world of marble, the mountains of marble. And in the full-moon night they were just so pure, so virgin-pure, and their reflections..

The old man had tears in his eyes. He said, “If you had not insisted, I would have missed something in my life. Just take the boat close to the mountains, because I would like to touch them. It looks so illusory! Without touching I cannot believe that what I am seeing is real.”

I told the boatman to come close to the mountains. Dr. Saxena touched the mountains and he said, “Now I can leave - they are real! But for three miles continuously.!”

This man wrote beautifully, spoke beautifully, but still was miserable. And I said, “Neither your writings mean anything, nor your speeches mean anything. To me what is significant is whether you have been able to drop all the causes of misery. You are so miserable that you drink just to forget. You are so miserable that you smoke just to forget. You gamble just to forget.”

Now, this world is not to be renounced. There are beautiful people, there are immensely capable people; they have just never come across a person who could have triggered a process of mutation in their life. So my idea has always been: come to me whenever you start feeling, “Perhaps I am living in an illusion.” Then come and just touch me. Let yourself be showered by my presence, my love, so that you can regain confidence, courage, and you can go back to the world.

But the world is where the work is. This is a mystery school. We prepare people and send them to change the world.

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