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Chapter 10: The Cause of Misery

Half the miseries will suddenly disappear once you understand that you are the cause, because then you can-not cooperate. Then you will not be so ignorant to help strengthen the cause which creates miseries. Your cooperation will break. Miseries will still continue for a while just because of old habits.

Once Mulla Nasruddin was forced to go to the court because he had been found drunk again on the street. The magistrate said, “Nasruddin, I remember seeing you so many times for this same offense. Have you got any explanation for your habitual drunkenness?”

Nasruddin said, “Of course, Your Honor. I have an explanation for my habitual drunkenness. This is my explanation: habitual thirst.”

Even if you become alert, the habitual pattern will force you for a while to move in the same direction. But it cannot persist for long, the energy is no more there. It may continue as a dead pattern, but by and by it will wither away. It needs to be fed every day, it needs every day to be strengthened. Your cooperation is needed continuously.

Once you become alert that you are the cause of your miseries, the cooperation has dropped. So whatsoever I say to you is just to make you alert of a single fact: that wherever you are, whatsoever you are, you are the cause. And don’t get pessimistic about it, this is very hopeful - if somebody else is the cause then nothing can be done.

Because of this, Mahavira denies God. Mahavira says there is no God, because if there is God then nothing can be done: “Because if he is the cause of everything.then what can I do? Then I become helpless. He has created the world, he has created me. If he is the creator then only he can destroy. And if I am miserable then he is responsible and I cannot do anything.” So Mahavira says, “If there is God then man is helpless.” So he says, “I don’t believe in God.” And the reason is not philosophical, the reason is very psychological. The reason is so that you cannot make anybody responsible for you. Whether God exists or not, that is not the question.

Mahavira says, “I want you to understand that you are the cause of whatsoever you are.” And this is very hopeful. If you are the cause you can change it. If you can create hell, you can create heaven. You are the master.

So don’t feel hopeless. The more you make others responsible for your life the more you are a slave. If you say, “My wife is making me angry,” then you are a slave. If you say your husband is creating trouble for you, then you are a slave. Even if your husband is creating trouble, you have chosen that husband. And you wanted this trouble, this type of trouble - it is your choice. If your wife is making hell.you have chosen this wife.

Somebody asked Mulla Nasruddin, “How did you come to know your wife? Who introduced you?”

He said, “It just happened. I cannot blame anybody.”

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