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Chapter 10: The Cause of Misery

He has compassion: he will try in every way to help you to come out of your stupidity, but your stupidity is not something with which he is going to sympathize. So in a way he will be very warm and in a way he will be very cold. He will be warm as far as his compassion is concerned, and he will be absolutely cold as far as sympathy is concerned.

And ordinarily, if you go to a buddha you will feel he is cold - because you don’t know what compassion is and you don’t know the warmth of compassion. You have known only the warmth of sympathy, and he is not sympathetic. He looks cruel, cold. If you cry and weep he is not going to cry and weep with you. And if he cries then there is no possibility that help can come from him to you; he is in the same position. He cannot cry, but you will feel hurt that, “I am crying and weeping and he remains just like a statue, as if he has no heart.” He cannot sympathize with you. Sympathy is from the same mind towards the same mind, compassion is from a higher source.

He can look at you. You are transparent to him, totally naked. And he knows why you are suffering - you are the cause. And he will try to explain the cause to you, and if you can listen to him the very act of listening will have helped you much.

It looks paradoxical, it is not. A buddha has also lived like you. If not in this life, then in some previous lives he has moved through the same struggles. He has been stupid like you, he has suffered like you, he has struggled like you. For many, many lives he was on the same path. He knows all the agony, all the struggle, the conflict, the misery. He is aware, more aware than you, because now all the past lives are before his eyes - not only his, but your lives also. He has lived all the problems that any human mind can live, so he knows. And he has transcended them, so now he knows what are the causes and he also knows how they can be transcended.

And he will help in every way to make you understand that you are the cause of your miseries. This is very hard. This is the most difficult thing to understand, that “I am the cause of my miseries.” This hits deep, one feels hurt. Whenever someone says someone else is the cause you feel okay and that person looks sympathetic. If he says, “You are a sufferer, a victim, and others are exploiting you, others are doing damage, others are violent,” you feel good. But this goodness is not going to last. It is a momentary consolation, and dangerous, at a very great cost, because he is helping the cause of your misery.

So those who look sympathetic towards you are really your enemies, because their sympathy helps your cause to be strengthened. The very source of misery is strengthened. You feel that you are okay and the whole world is wrong: misery comes from somewhere else.

If you go to a buddha, to an enlightened person, he is bound to be hard, because he will force you to the fact that you are the cause. And once you start feeling that you are the cause of your hell, the transformation has already started. The moment you feel this, half the work is already done. You are already on the path, you have already moved. A great change has come over you.

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