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Chapter 4: Enter the Door of Anatta

So Buddha said, “I am trying so that you will not have any trouble, any misery. Just be nothing; then how can you be troubled? Who will be troubled?”

He has found one of the greatest truths ever found: that you and your misery are not two things. You are the misery, you are the problem. Your mind tells you that this is not so: “We can change the misery.” That is true..The misery you can change, but you will change it for another misery. You can go on changing - everybody is doing that - from one misery to another misery. But you never come to realize that the real misery is that you are. You are separate from existence.

Buddha is hard, but absolutely true: until you dissolve yourself into the totality, you will be troubled. The very separation is the cause of your hell.

“If you seek the buddha, you will be caught by the buddha demon.” These Zen masters have a courage totally unknown to any other religion.

“If you seek the buddha, you will be caught by the buddha demon; if you seek the patriarchs, you will be bound by the patriarch demon. Whatever you are seeking, all becomes suffering.”

Seeking, in short, is the source of suffering.

Do not seek, just be.

Don’t go anywhere, just remain at your center. A small movement, and you have missed the point. And this center of your being is just the center of a soap bubble. But to reach to the center is to have at least reached to the door of the temple.

Now don’t be afraid, and enter the door of nothingness, of no-selfness, of anatta. Let your whole being be filled with the sense that “I am not; existence is.”

To understand Gautam Buddha, or his disciples who have attained to this nothingness, is absolutely impossible with the mind. Mind will always want to be. The mind will always think, “What a strange teaching, to make so much arduous effort not to be. With this much effort, you could have become the richest man in the world. With so much effort, you could have become a prime minister, a president. And this strange fellow has himself dropped his kingdom, and is now teaching people how to be nothing.”

I don’t think.if somebody writes a book, like Dale Carnegie - Dale Carnegie’s book has sold second only to the Holy Bible. How To Win Friends And Influence People is the title of his book. And he has certainly made many friends - there are Dale Carnegie Clubs all around the world, where his book is read. They run classes, and schools, and courses. Looking at his book, you will see: he is creating a science of hypocrisy. Whether you want to smile or not, you should smile - even at a stranger, because one never knows, tomorrow you may need him.

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