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Chapter 5: Living in the Heart

Remember this very subtle distinction. Living outside means you will be happy if you get something. Then happiness is conditional, you have made a condition. Someone says, “If I have a million rupees, then I will be happy.” He has put a condition on happiness. Now he will be unhappy until he has a million. And he will have another great shock the day he does get a million. As long as he did not yet have the million he was sad because he had put a condition on happiness. Whoever puts a condition on it misses because happiness is already yours, unconditionally.

Happiness is our self-nature. We come bringing happiness - happiness resides within us - and you are going outside to seek it! You have put conditions on happiness. If you search outside you will have to put conditions on it, otherwise what will you look for? To search means: the efforts made in fulfilling a condition. Someone has said, “Until I become the prime minister I will not be happy.” He has made a condition. Now to become the prime minister in a country of six hundred million is a long journey, it is unlikely you will make it while you are still living. So your whole life will be spent in unhappiness because how can you be happy until this condition is fulfilled? And a man who has lived his whole life in unhappiness will be even more amazed when he becomes the prime minister, because by living his whole life in unhappiness, unhappiness has become a habit. Just by being the prime minister your habit of being unhappy will not leave you so quickly.

You know that habits are dropped only with great difficulty. If a person has practiced the habit of unhappiness for sixty years - continuously, day and night, morning and evening, awake and asleep seeing only this one dream, of how to become prime minister - if after sixty years he now becomes the prime minister.if he does, the possibility is very slight.. Most people will die without becoming the prime minister. But if someone has some bad luck, just as Indira Gandhi’s bad luck was Morarji’s good fortune - even then the person will not be able to be happy. How to now get rid of sixty years of continuous practice? Those habits of being unhappy and the mind that is used to living in misery, how can it all be dropped? It is not that you can just put it down. Unhappiness has now become your very flesh and bones. It is not like your clothes that you can take off and then put on others. Misery has now become your skin and it will be very difficult to take it off. So the mind will arrange a new misery.

You haven’t got a million, so you are unhappy until you get the million. As soon as you get the million you will find your mind saying, “What’s so great about a million? I need at least ten million.”

This is why no desire can be fulfilled because by the time fulfillment comes one is already addicted to unhappiness. You will have made a new projection, a new condition in order to be miserable. You will push the condition ahead: you will say that if you get ten million then you will be happy.

You all know this.there is no need to become the prime minister to understand it. You all know, you have all thought, “If I get this car, if I get this house, if I get this shop.” and when you get it are you happy? You had thought, “If I get this woman”.and you got her! “If I get this man”.and you got him! Are you happy? Where is the happiness?

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