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Chapter 4: Madness or Meditation

The Devil is just a scapegoat. You are the Devil; you create your suffering. But whenever you suffer you simply throw it on the Devil: “The Devil is doing something.” Then you are at ease. Then you never become aware of your own foolish pattern of life, stupid pattern of life.

Or you call it fate, or you say, “God is testing me.” But you go on avoiding the basic fact that you are the sole cause of whatsoever happens to you. And nothing is accidental. Everything has a causal link - and you are the cause.

For example, you fall in love. Love gives you a feeling, a feeling that bliss is somewhere nearby. You feel for the first time that you are welcomed by someone, at least one person welcomes you. You start flowering. Even one person welcoming you, waiting for you, loving you, caring for you, you start flowering. Just in the beginning.and then immediately your wrong patterns start working - you immediately want to possess the beloved, the loved one.

And possession is killing. The moment you possess the lover you have killed. Then you suffer. Then you weep and cry and you think that the lover is wrong, fate is wrong, “Destiny is not in my favor.” But you don’t know that you have poisoned love through possession, through possessiveness.

But every lover is doing that, and every lover suffers. Love, which can give you the deepest blessings, becomes the deepest misery. So old cultures, particularly in India in the old days, have completely destroyed the phenomenon of love. They had arranged marriages for children - no possibility of falling in love, because love leads to misery. This was such a known phenomenon that if you allow love, then love leads to misery, so it is better not to have the possibility. Let the children, small children, be married. Before they can fall in love let them be married. Then they will never know what love is and they will not be in misery.

But love never creates misery - it is you who poisons it. Love is always joy, love is always celebration. Love is the deepest ecstasy that nature allows you, but you destroy it. So just not to fall into misery, in India and in other old, ancient countries, the possibility of love was completely closed. So then you will not fall in misery - but then you have also missed the only ecstasy that nature allows. So a mediocre life will be there: no misery, no happiness, just going on somehow. This is what marriage has been in the past.

Now America is trying, the West is trying to revive love. But much misery is coming through that, and sooner or later Western countries will have to decide for child marriage again. A few psychologists have already proposed that child marriage has to be brought back because love is creating so much misery. But I again say, it is not love. Love cannot create misery. It is you, your pattern of madness which creates misery - and not only in love, everywhere. Everywhere you are bound to bring your mind.

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