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Chapter 10: Open the Door

The first question:

Do you ever cry?

Yes, whenever I look at you. You may not see my tears, you may not hear my cry, but always when I look at you the cry is there. Because of that, I go on working on you. It is not only to help you to come out of your misery, it is to help myself also. If you come out of your misery, I will come out of my misery that is created by your misery.

It is said that when Buddha reached to the Ultimate’s door, he stopped there, he wouldn’t enter in. The door was open, the devas, the gods, were ready to welcome him in, but he wouldn’t enter. The devas asked him, “Why are you standing there? Come in. We have been waiting for you since ages. You are welcome. You have returned home.”

Buddha said, “I will stay here, I will have to stay here. Until the last human being passes by me and enters the door, I cannot enter.”

This is a beautiful parable. Don’t take it literally.. But it is true. Once you become aware, once you become a being - once you are - infinite compassion arises in you. Buddha has made compassion the criterion of enlightenment. Once you have attained you don’t suffer for yourself, but you suffer for others: seeing the misery all around, seeing the whole absurdity of it; seeing the possibility that you can come out of it immediately, right now, and still you go on clinging..

By one hand you push it away, by another hand you pull it close. You go on creating your own prisons and still you would like to be freed. Your whole effort is contradictory. You want to come to the east and you go towards the west.

Seeing you.yes, I always cry.

The second question:

For ten years I have identified myself as a poet. But since I took sannyas ten days ago it has become unimportant to me whether or not I ever write another verse, even though I have often heard you praise the poet. What has happened?

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