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Chapter 21: The Greatest Misfit in the World

As another of your communes takes off the ground, I strongly develop symptoms of a misfit. India, and even a commune, just does not seem to be the place where I feel comfortable. Is there such a state as “doing your own thing, content and full of gratitude” that is not just an ego trip?

Prem Leeladhar, I myself am an unfit. And this place here has gone far beyond being a commune. The commune was an alternative society. But it has its own organization, its own rules, regulations. Seeing that for misfits it will be difficult to be part of even a commune, I have dropped the idea of a commune too.

Here, now only individuals are living together. Nobody here is expected to be a permanent resident; whenever he feels, he can be here and whenever he feels, he can move. We are trying to give every misfit all the space that is possible. One of my sannyasins - Veeresh, in Europe - is creating “Misfit Cities.”

I think you have carried the idea from the American commune. It must have been difficult for you there, because whenever thousands of people live together, they have to follow certain rules. Otherwise it will become impossible to live.

Here there is no permanent residentship. As long as you feel good, you can be here. The moment you feel uncomfortable, the whole world is available to you; wherever you want, you can go and be comfortable. But I want to remind you: if you cannot feel comfortable here, you cannot feel comfortable anywhere else either.

I will read your question. “As another of your communes takes off the ground.” That is not right. No commune is taking off the ground. I have tried hard and found it impossible.if the commune has to exist, the individual has to compromise. That’s absolutely natural and necessary. And I am so much in favor of the misfit people, that rather than dropping the misfits, I have dropped the idea of the commune itself. Now there are only misfit people here.

The misfit people obviously understand each other’s needs. The need is just to be yourself, and doing your own thing. That’s why we are not developing any kind of productive activity here. Neither roads have to be made, nor houses have to be made. Because if you have to make roads and you have to make houses and you have to do farming, and you have to have milk products of your own, then naturally a certain organization becomes necessary.

Leeladhar is a plastic surgeon. Here we are not going to have even a medical center. There was in the old days before the American commune happened, a medical center, but that needs organization.

Now I want this place just to be a paradise - a holiday resort where you can relax, have a massage.soon there will be swimming pools, larger gardens and lawns. You can play on your instruments whenever you want, at whatever time you want. You can do your own thing.

Just remember that your thing should not be an interference in somebody else’s life structure, because he also wants to be independent, just as you do. That is the only agreement: that everybody is free to the limit that he does not interfere with anybody else. This much of a limit is absolutely necessary.

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