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Chapter 3: Only the Buddhas Know How to Flow

Why not? The last time they missed Jesus; this time they don’t want to miss! It is so simple. And they are very intelligent people: once they missed - and they really missed! - and now they feel very sorry because if they had been with Jesus they would have been doing the greatest business in the world! They feel very jealous of the Vatican. They cannot believe how these dumb Italians defeated them! It was basically their right. This time they don’t want to miss. They have arrived.

A Jewish father and his son are standing in front of a cathedral.

“Father, what is this house with the high steeple?”

“Son, you should know this. It is a church.”

“What is a church?”

“Well, the Christians say that God lives there.”

“But, Father, isn’t God living in Heaven?”

“Yes, son, you’re right. But this is where he does his business.”

They are really some of the most intelligent people on the earth; hence they can see what is going to happen.

During the second world war, a German officer went into Moishe Finkelstein’s grocery shop to buy some matches.

“Matches!” he ordered.

Finkelstein passed him some matches.

“I want the tips on the left side instead of the right!” the officer demanded.

Finkelstein acted as though he was finding another box of matches, but instead he gave the officer back the same box of matches, reversed.

Satisfied, the officer left the shop. Once outside, he said to his friend, “Fucking Jews - always trying to fool you!”

Enough for today.