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Chapter 18: The Mind Goes Out of Employment

The heart does not project problems, but gets caught into a small net of things, jealousy, anger, love, and makes too much of it. They are not theological problems, they are not very philosophical. They are simple but there is some shadow of the mind in them.

Only your being has no emotions and no thought.

It simply is.

In that isness a tremendous world opens all its mysteries.

It is good that you are going slowly slowly, but better will be to take an instantaneous jump, because slowly slowly, you can go on and on for lives.. And if you see the point that as mind becomes simple, a beauty, a grace arises in your being, a childlike wonder about everything, a peace and a silence and a blissfulness - why should you go slowly? Everywhere, you go with speed. Slowly means you are going reluctantly, trying to postpone it as long as you can, and meanwhile solve a few problems.

This will not take you to it. This is the experience of the mystics that if you see the point, in that very point all problems, all questions, all philosophies, everything disappears.

Miss Goodbody has been teaching for twenty years, so all the kids bring her presents. They line up in front of her holding the gifts and she tries to guess what they are.

Little Ernie’s father has a liquor store and she notices that little Ernie’s package is leaking, so she tastes it.

“Did you bring me Scotch whiskey?” she asks.

“No,” replies little Ernie.

So Miss Goodbody turns to little Ronnie. Little Ronnie’s father is a florist.

“Did you bring me some love roses?” asks Miss Goodbody.

“Yes, teacher,” replies Ronny, passing her the flowers.

Then Miss Goodbody goes back to Ernie’s leaking package and tastes it again.

“Did you bring me gin?” she says.

“No,” replies little Ernie.

Little Ruthy’s father has a candy store.

“Have you brought me candy?” asks Miss Goodbody.

“Yes, teacher,” replies Ruthy and gives her the package.

Then Miss Goodbody goes back to Ernie and tastes the leaking packet again.

“Did you bring me rum?” she asks.

“No,” replies little Ernie, “I brought you a puppy.”

This world is so hilarious. What complications.? The poor puppy is just doing his thing.

Little Ernie gives a loud wolf whistle in the middle of Father Murphy’s sermon, and his grandfather picks him up and carries him out of the church.

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