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Chapter 10: Seeing Double

But all systems and all philosophies are just like that - long tails. No system is true to reality because no system can be true to reality. I am not saying that some system can be - no. No system can be true to reality because all systems are fabrications of the mind, verbalizations, your interpretations, your projections - mind working on reality. That’s how a system is born; all systems are false.

Reality needs no system. Reality needs a clarity of vision. To look at it needs no philosophy, it is right here and now. Before you start moving into a philosophy it is there; when you come back it will be there and will have always been there with you - and you were thinking about it. Thinking about it is the Way to miss it.

If you are a Hindu you will miss, if you are a Christian you will miss, if you are a Mohammedan you will miss; every “ism” is a way of missing. If you have the Koran in your head you will miss, if you have the Gita in your head you will miss; whatsoever scripture you carry - scripture is mind, and reality doesn’t fall in line with the mind, reality does not bother about your mind and your fabrications.

Beautiful theories you spin, beautiful arguments you give, logical rationalizations you find. You work hard. You go on refining your theories, polishing them, but they are just like bricks: you go on rubbing, polishing, but they can never become a mirror. But I say: Maybe bricks can become a mirror, but the mind can never become a mirror to reality. The mind is a destroyer. The moment it enters, everything becomes cloudy.

Please don’t be a philosopher, and don’t be an addict of any system. It is easy to bring an alcoholic back, it is easy to bring back a person who has gone deep into drugs; it is difficult to bring a system-addict back. And there exist organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous for alcoholics and other organizations for drug addicts, but there exists no organization for people who have become system-addicts - and there cannot be, because whenever there is an organization, it itself is a system.

I am not giving you a system. My whole effort is to bring you out of your systematizing mind. If you can become again a child, if you can look at reality without any preconceptions about it, you will attain. It is simple, it is ordinary, nothing is special about it. Reality is nothing special and extraordinary - it is there, it is everywhere. Only your mind is an unreal thing. Mind creates illusion, maya, mind creates dreams - and then you are clouded in them. And you are trying to do the impossible, that which cannot be done: you are trying to find the real through the mind. You lose the real through the mind, you cannot find it through the mind. You have to drop the mind completely.

Yes, the Way is right before your eyes - but you are not there.

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