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Chapter 2: Who Is Watching the Mind?

If you allow me easily, then the operation is very easy. If you don’t allow me easily, if you struggle, resist, don’t cooperate, you create conflict, then too the operation is going to be done. Once I have accepted you as my disciples, now it is my responsibility that you should be transformed - then the operation will be hard. But the hardness will come because of your resistance, remember it. I have to be shattering sometimes only because you resist too much.

Let me tell you one anecdote:

Joe Levy went to a leading mountain resort for a week’s vacation. That night, when he ordered dinner, the waiter told him that he highly recommended the chicken soup. Joe replied, “I hate soup. I never eat soup. I couldn’t care less.” He ate his dinner, played cards, and retired to his room early and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, the man in the room below his took sick suddenly and the house doctor recommended that they get a nurse and give an enema. The nurse arrived and in error entered Joe Levy’s room, and before he even realized what was happening to him, gave him the enema and left.

When he got back to New York, his friends asked him how he had liked the hotel. He said, “It was very nice, but if you ever go there and the waiter suggests that you eat soup, eat it, otherwise they shove it into you anyway.”

So please cooperate with me.

The second question:

You tell us so many jokes - what is the basic secret of a joke and why do you tell them?

I have to tell jokes to you, otherwise you will fall asleep. A joke shocks you back into awareness. It is a small electric shock. That’s the beauty of a joke, and that’s the secret of a joke. It is impossible even for the dullest mind to remain unalert when a joke is being told. Even the dullest, the most stupid, will become interested - even one who is snoring will come out of his snoring and will start listening to what is going on.

That’s the beauty of a joke. A joke is something that brings in you a subtle awareness. The awareness comes because you have to listen to the joke very alertly otherwise you will miss the punch line. If you miss a single word in a joke, it is lost. A joke is a very small thing - a few lines. You cannot afford to be unaware. If you miss one line, you will not be able to catch hold of it.

And a joke takes a sudden turn - that is its secret - a very unexpected turn. A joke is not logical, that’s why I love jokes - they are illogical. Still, they have a logic of their own. A joke is illogical and yet logical - very paradoxical. A joke takes such an illogical turn that you had never expected. If you can expect, then that much pleasure will be lost.

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