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Chapter 15: Transformation, Not Consolation

God is not there. With him, the Holy Ghost disappears, the Son disappears. He is the central focus of the whole fiction. Remove that central idea and the whole palace made of playing cards simply falls on the ground. Just a little whip is needed.

The psychologist is afraid of meditation. Now psychology is a big profession. Jews never do small things. They created this stupid Christianity, and for two thousand years they have been grudging: “We missed the chance. We would have made the great profession, which the Christians are doing. How did we miss Jesus? It was simply a great business, and we missed the point. We couldn’t see that this man is going to be such a big deal.” He proved the biggest business deal in the world. Jews cannot forgive him. If they get him again they will crucify him again, for another reason this time: “Why didn’t you tell us in the first place that this is going to be a big business? - we would not have crucified you.”

And then they nearly missed the second - Sigmund Freud - but this time they were more aware, they have not missed so much. Ninety percent of the profession is still in Jewish hands. All the great psychologists and psychoanalysts and therapists - ninety percent of them are Jews. It is their monopoly. And Freud single handedly created the whole profession, the whole science. He was very much afraid of meditation, tremendously afraid.

Jung, his most intimate disciple and, in the beginning, his possible successor, was so much afraid of meditation, that when he came to India, wherever he went - and he went to Khajuraho, to the Taj Mahal, to Fatehpur Sikri, old, ancient places - everywhere it was suggested to him that, “You should go to Arunachal in the south of India, the very south, deep south. There is a man, Sri Ramana, who can give you immense insight into human nature, about which you have been working your whole life.” But he was afraid to go there.

And Ramana was certainly the man who could have given him, shared with him, something of meditation. But he would not go. Outright he rejected it, saying, “All this meditation is unscientific.” Now his statement is unscientific, because nobody has tried to explore meditation scientifically. On what grounds is he saying that all this meditation business is unscientific?

I know the space when there is no sleep, no dream, and still I am there. Certainly dreams are needed, but not by me. Perhaps ninety-nine point nine percent of people, or even more, need dreams, six hours of dreams in the night. And do you think that’s all? Are you not dreaming in the day too?

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