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Chapter 6: The Miracle of Ordinariness

I have heard that once it happened that Winston Churchill was invited to speak in a small club of friends. Everybody knew that Churchill was a drunkard and loved alcohol very much. The man who introduced him, the president of the club, said, “Sir Winston has drunk so much wine up to now, that if we pour all the wine into this hall the level will come up to my head.” It was a big hall, and he was just joking.

Winston Churchill stood, looked at the imaginary line, then looked at the ceiling - the ceiling was high - then became very sad, and he said, “So much still to be done, and so little time left to do it!”

As far as love is concerned, so much is to be done for everyone and so little time is left to do it. Don’t waste your energy in fighting, jealousy, conflict; move, and move in a friendly way. Search somewhere else for the person who exists who will love you. Don’t get fixed with someone who is wrong, not for you. Don’t be angry, there is no point in it, and don’t try to force trust; nobody can force it, it never happens. You will miss the time, you will miss the energy, and you may only become aware when nothing can be done. Move. Either trust or move.

Love always trusts, or if it finds that the trust is not possible it simply moves in a friendly way; there is no conflict, no fight. Sex creates jealousy; find, discover love. Don’t make sex the basic thing - it is not.

India missed with arranged marriage; the West is missing with free love. India missed love because parents were too calculating and cunning. They would not allow falling in love: that is dangerous, nobody knows where it will lead. They were too clever, and through cleverness India missed all possibility of love.

In the West they are too rebellious, too young - not clever, too young, too childish. They have made sex a free thing, available everywhere. No need to go so deep to discover love; enjoy sex and be finished. Through sex the West is missing: through marriage the East has missed. But if you are alert you need not be Eastern, you need not be Western. Love is neither Eastern nor Western.

Go on discovering love within you. And if you love, sooner or later the person will happen to you, because a loving heart, sooner or later, comes to a loving heart. It always happens. You will find the right person. But if you are jealous you will not find, if you are simply for sex you will not find, if you live only for security you will not find.

Love is a dangerous path and only those who have courage can travel it. And I say to you, it is the same, just like meditation - only for those who are courageous. And there are only two ways to reach the divine: either meditation or love. Find out which is your way, which can be your destiny.

Enough for today.