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Chapter 9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors

I have been able to remain in the body, with all the difficulties, in spite of all the difficulties that were bound to happen because the body is no longer in my control and I am no longer in the body’s control. If I have been able to remain in the body for these thirty-three years, it is because of your love - love which demands nothing, trust which is not based on any reason.

You are connected with the gravitation of the earth. Through you I can keep myself still connected with the gravitation of the earth. But through you it is possible only if you give me a passage, clear, and you don’t ask for any expectations, demands, desires to be fulfilled.

Your description of the disciple is absolutely true. But because you have asked it, you again missed the train. You are back to zero again. Don’t be sad, start the journey again. And when you start feeling what you are describing, please don’t ask for approval. Enjoy it!

Do you ask somebody, “Am I in love with you?” Either you are or you are not - no question of approval or disapproval. Do you ask, “Is this sunset really beautiful?” Your very question indicates that you are not feeling the beauty. You are asking others, as a support, so that your imaginary beautiful sunset becomes more real.

But nobody’s approval can make anything real. Even if the whole world denies your enlightenment you will still be enlightened, there will be no difference. Or vice versa: even if the whole world approves your enlightenment and you are not enlightened, all that approval is not going to make you enlightened.

You have beautifully described the real state of a disciple. But by asking the question you missed the mark.

The other day you spoke against homosexuality and lesbianism. What about bisexuality? A few years ago you said that bisexuality was the hope for the new man, the only freedom in sex. Is it still so?

There are many questions involved in that one question. First, never bother about what I have said before. My memory is not that good - and that has been a great blessing to me. I don’t know what I have said on the yesterdays stretching backwards thirty years. I know only what I am saying to you now. This has given me freedom to tell you the truth even if it goes against my past.

I am not confined by my yesterdays. I have never read any of my books and I don’t know what kind of things I have been saying. But whatever has been said was true for that moment, and exactly the same is the case now.

Never compare my statements with the past statements; otherwise instead of getting enlightened you will find yourself in an insane asylum. I have contradicted myself so many times, that anybody working for a PhD thesis on me will go crazy. He will never get the PhD. Nobody can make a consistent philosophy out of my statements. I have been consistent only in one thing, and that is inconsistency.

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