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Chapter 18: Be ready for Global Transformation

We are simply living here, but I know that although we have not raised any problem, we have become a problem for them psychologically. The problem is our joy, our dance, our song, our way of living - and our turning into an oasis a desert which was there for sale for fifty years. Nobody purchased it because nobody could see any possibility in the land. We purchased it as a challenge: deserts can also be changed, just a little intelligence is needed.

In the beginning they were laughing. Then by and by they became hostile; they saw that what we have said, we have done. And they have never been as happy as our people are. They have never lived life so totally and so freely as we are living. They have missed the train and that’s why they are angry. Now, what coexistence? We are in the train and they have missed the train. And what neighborhood? - we are living and they are dead.

It is good that you don’t ask us to live with the graves in a peaceful coexistence. Of course, with graves what else can you do? To us, the people around us are nothing but a big graveyard. And their problem is that they are jealous of our freedom, of our love, of our joy. They could have all this, too, but they were not intelligent enough. What can we do about it?

We feel sorry for them. We are ready to help them. But our help means we will turn them into our selves, that’s the only way to help them. They want to be happy, but they don’t want to come here, to see, because even seeing everybody happy - and you have never been so happy. Our laughter is reaching to the neighbors miles away. Our dances, our music is heard all over Oregon and soon will be heard all over America. And that is freaking them out.

Now, it is their birthright to freak out, but we are not going to compromise in any way as far as our laughter is concerned, as far as our rejoicing is concerned, as far as our creativity is concerned, as far as our freedom is concerned, respect for the individual is concerned. We are not going to compromise on any point. In fact, for the first time the American Constitution is really being applied. Otherwise it was just a talk.

And once these small matters are solved, we are going to raise bigger matters. We are going to fight for the American Constitution against the Americans. We are going to expose them to the whole world - that they don’t follow the Constitution, that in fact they have been sabotaging the Constitution.

They are hypocrites. At least the Soviet Union is not a hypocrite - whatever they are, they accept it. Not only accept it, they declare that that’s what they want to be. We may not agree with what they are, but we have to appreciate their sincerity. They don’t call themselves a democracy. They could have, but they call it the dictatorship of the proletariat. They could have called it the democracy of the proletariat, there is no problem, but they have chosen a more straightforward word, dictatorship. It is a word condemned all over the world, but they have accepted it because that is what they are doing.

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