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Chapter 3: The Bee Has Received Its Invitation

The fourth I call conscious mind. That’s where man is. Not very conscious; just a flicker, just a small wave of consciousness - and that too happens only when you are in tremendous danger, otherwise not. If somebody suddenly comes and is ready to kill you with a dagger, you will become conscious. In that moment there will be tremendous awareness, intelligence, radiance. Thinking will stop. You will become a flame. Only in rare moments do you really become conscious; otherwise, you move almost like a somnambulist. I have heard.

In 1959, two drunkards in the French town of Vienne opened what they thought was a door to the street. Actually it was the window of a room four stories up. With a gay song on their lips they marched out, arm in arm over the sill to the street below.

A beat policeman, hearing the thuds and rushing to help, was dumbfounded to watch them careering away, still singing and obviously in tip-top condition. “We missed our step,” they explained.

They were not aware at all. Had they been aware, they might have died. They were not aware; they simply thought they had missed a step. Four stories!

And this is your situation too. Your whole life is almost that of a drunkard. You go on stumbling here and there, missing one step here, another step there. Your whole life is nothing but misery upon misery, stumbling, bumping into each other. You may call it love, but what it comes to is just bumping into each other. It creates misery.

Only consciousness can give ecstasy. Ecstasy is the shadow of consciousness. This is the fourth stage in which ordinarily human beings live and die. This is a sheer wastage. Rocks can be forgiven and trees can be forgiven and birds can be forgiven, but not man - because you have the first glimpse: now it is your responsibility to grow it, to make it more solid, to make it stronger. You cannot say to a rock: “You missed,” but you can say to a man: “You missed.”

Man is the only responsible animal - he can be asked, he will have to answer: that is the meaning of responsibility. One day or other, he will have to answer to God or to the center of this existence or to existence itself: “How did you miss? You were given the rudimentary beginning, you could have grown it. You were given the seed, you could have blossomed. Why did you miss?”

That’s the anxiety of man, the agony, the trembling, the anguish - because man is the only animal in this world who can become ecstatic, who can achieve to conscious blissfulness, who can become sat-chit-anand: who can become truth, consciousness, being, who can become bliss, who can come to the ultimate.

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