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Chapter 19: Where Nothing Is Right and Nothing Is Wrong

I have seen people who are married and are suffering and continually thinking that if they had chosen to remain unmarried, that would have been right. And I know people who have remained unmarried and are continually worried: perhaps they are missing the real joys of life - it would have been better if they had married. People who have children are constantly harassed by the children. Those who don’t have children are constantly harassed because they don’t have children; they are missing something.

It seems in this world you cannot be in the right place, whatever you do. Whichever way you go you always reach the wrong spot. It looks very strange and weird but it is not, it is very mathematical. Because you are wrong, wherever you go, whatever you do, turns out to be wrong. You cannot do right remaining the way you are.

So my emphasis is not on action. All the religions in the world emphasize action: do the right action.

First be, and then the right action follows of its own accord.