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Chapter 6: God Is the Original Sinner

These religions have created insanity and nothing else. That is their only contribution to humanity: insanity, split consciousness, split personality. One part, the mind, which is very impotent - it has no power over the body, it cannot change anything in the body - this mind is programmed according to a certain ideology. And when this mind finds that your body is acting against the program, it feels guilty, it feels miserable. It feels worried that there is going to be great punishment after death, that you will be thrown into hellfire for eternity.

Your body wants: just naturally, it wants food, it wants nourishment, it wants love. Love is also a nourishment. If nobody loves you, you will shrink and die.

There are hundreds of experiments done by scientists on monkeys. In one experiment which has been repeated and found to be completely reliable, the small baby monkey is brought to the lab and two mother monkeys are provided. Both are artificial. One “mother” is just wires, but it has pipes from which the child monkey can drink milk. But he cannot hug the wires, and he cannot feel the feelings of a mother, the love, the warmth, while drinking from a pipe.

The other baby monkey is given a version of an artificial mother that is just little. The wires are covered with woolen clothes, with fur and the mother’s blood. It is artificial, just made-up, but is warm. It is kept warm through electricity, so the child feels the body warm because of the warm clothing. Inside there are tubes carrying blood, kept continuously warm by the electricity. And it has breasts for the child monkey, not just like pipes, but almost looking like real breasts - plastic, but warm, and the milk comes warm. And the baby monkey can hug the mother.

And strangely, all these experiments prove that the child who gets the warmth and a certain idea that he is with a living mother, lives; the other child dies. Within three months the other child dies, although he is being nourished, taken care of. Only one thing is missing: the warm breasts of the mother. Only one thing is missing: some feeling of love. Even deceptive, artificial warmth is helping the child to grow.

Just today, I came to know that the Red Indians have almost all been killed in America. A few who live in deep forests in reservations have remained. And they are given pensions, because America is using their land. The whole country belongs to them, and they are very few so it is not much of a problem. It is better to give them money than to create any revolution or any revolt from them.

The money is very destructive, because no work is given. Work makes you feel that you are doing something, you are worthy, you are contributing to life, to existence, you are taking care of people whom you love. But no work is given to them. That gives them a feeling that they are not needed at all. If they die, the government will be happy, the nation will be happy, because that much pension will be saved.

And what is one going to do with the money if he has no work? He will drink alcohol, he will gamble, he will go to the prostitutes. And in his drunkenness he will fight, and sometimes he will rape and murder. And when they commit crimes, then immediately the American government forces them into jail.

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