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Chapter 29: Nobody Is Missing Anything

Everything is as it should be. Nobody is missing anything. But if you want to crucify yourself then create such questions - that you must be missing something. But what gives you this idea that you must be missing something? And everybody in the world has that question lurking in their mind: we are missing something. Have a good laugh, jog and jump. If you cannot dance, do anything bizarre, and enjoy!

Life is in itself the answer.

Nobody is missing anything.

Your heart is beating perfectly - otherwise take a cardiogram. I become puzzled. I don’t have any of my own puzzles, just your puzzles: Why are these people always running in some direction to find something? There is nothing to be found. What you will find is already within you; it is your life energy. Let it sing, let it dance, let it experience peace, let it enjoy blissfulness. And you will start blossoming, and your spring has come.

But people go on thinking that something is missing. Why do they think that something is missing? Because they have not been allowed to know the art of life. On the contrary, they have been told everything that is against life. That has created the problem. Certainly you are missing God, but I promise you, God is not missing you. And after all, who is this god that you call “God”? And why should you miss him? And what are you going to gain by not missing him? It will be very boring company.

Just think for a moment that you are with God for twenty-four hours. That will be the most boring and anguish-creating thing. You don’t have anything to say to him and he has nothing to say to you.

I used to travel in India for twenty years continuously. And I enjoy all kinds of things. One day, I got on the train in Mumbai and many people had come to see me off. As I entered my air-conditioned coupe, there was another man inside also. He was watching all the people outside from the window. He certainly thought that I was a very important person - so many rich people touching my feet. And as I entered inside the coupe he fell flat on the floor and touched my feet.

I said, “What are you doing? I am a Mohammedan.” And he was a high-cast brahmin.

He said, “My God! No, it cannot be true, you must be joking.”

I said, “I never joke.”

He became very much fidgety. I sat there. After two minutes he again said, “No, you are just joking.”

I said, “I am not joking, I am a Mohammedan.”

He said, “My God, in this cold night I will have to take a bath.”

I said, “You go and take a bath.”

So he went and took a cold bath and came back shivering, and I started laughing. He said, “Why are you laughing?”

I said, “I was just joking.” And he fell again to my feet.

He said, “I knew from the very beginning.”

I said, “No, not that time. This time I am joking. I am a Mohammedan.”

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