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Chapter 12: Different Breezes

Where are you going? What is the goal? Once you have a goal in your mind you start seeking for means, ways, to reach the goal. Once you have an end in mind, you start looking for paths, methods, techniques. Goal-orientation creates the path, the method, the technique. Once the goal is dissolved, there is no need for any technique or for any method. Then suddenly you are here. And you are not missing anything. The idea of missing is created by the idea of a goal. Once you have a goal then you feel you are missing.

For example, if you have a goal that you need to have one million dollars, then you are missing - because you don’t have even one dollar in your pocket. And you need to have one million dollars. So you are missing one million dollars. The man sitting by your side who has not got that idea of one million dollars, who is not that mad, is not missing. Both are in the same situation, both may have the same kind of money, hut one is missing and one is not missing. It depends.

You are missing God because God has become your goal. You are missing enlightenment because enlightenment has become your goal. Nobody else is missing. Make a goal and that becomes the problem. If you listen to me rightly, drop the goal. Drop all goals. And you will not be able to miss. There is no way to miss then! How can you miss without having a goal in your mind? And when you are not missing, that is the state of being a God, or being in God. When you are not missing, that is what is called enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a goal. It is the understanding that there is nothing to miss because there is nothing to achieve.

Let me repeat it: enlightenment is not a goal. It is the understanding that there is nothing to achieve, nothing to miss. Then you are enlightened.

You can become enlightened this very moment. Nobody is barring the-path, nothing is hindering you. But the problem is with you - that you want to become enlightened in the future. Even if I go on insisting that you can become enlightened right now, the question arises, “Right now? How can it be possible? Give us a little time, we will have to prepare. We will have to get ready. We will have to do yoga asanas and Dynamic Meditation and Kundalini and things like that. Just give us a little time. How can we become enlightened just as we are?”

You are enlightened, that’s why I say you can become enlightened right now. You have never been unenlightened ever! You have always have been enlightened all along. You just don’t recognize the fact.

You ask: How to become.? And in that very how, you miss, you miss the whole point. There is no how to it. Once you start trying, then you are getting into difficulty.

Just the other night I was telling a story..

A Zen master dropped his handkerchief and said to one of his disciples who was just sitting here, “Try to pick up the handkerchief. Try to pick it up.”

Immediately the disciple picked up the handkerchief and gave it to the master. But the master was not happy. He dropped it again.

And he said, “Listen to me, to what I am saying. Try to pick it up.” And the disciple again picked it up. It happened six times, and the master dropped the handkerchief again and again. When he dropped it the seventh time it dawned upon the disciple what he meant. He was saying something absurd. He was giving a koan.

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