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Chapter 5: Questions: Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence

And it will be helpful to recognize the fact of ignorance sooner, so that you will not die ignorant. Ignorant we are born, but if we can die innocent, life has been a successful journey. And the only way to be innocent is to get rid of all your questions.

Don’t hide anything, because whatever you are hiding will come up sooner or later, will surface. It is better to bring it out yourself into the open, into the light.

And the function of a master is not to give you an answer, but to destroy your question. Nobody can give you the answer. The answer will arise in you, will grow in you. It will be your growth, your enlightenment. It cannot be given from outside.

But questions can be destroyed. So it is good that you have started, even though you have wasted eight years unnecessarily. And that’s why your mind is continuously worried and scared of only one thing: am I going to miss the train this time? Eight years you have been missing, every day, every moment. But there are a few people who are very expert in missing trains.

I have heard that three persons, all professors of a university, are standing on a platform. The train is getting ready to leave - two have come to see one off - and they are involved in deep discussion.

Suddenly, the conductor shows the flag and the train starts, and they are so absorbed that they don’t notice. They notice only when the train has almost left the platform. So they all three run to catch it - two succeed, and one fails. And the one who fails starts laughing.

A crowd gathers; they say, “What is the matter?”

But he is laughing so much, a belly laughter, that he cannot contain himself.

He says, “Just wait a minute. I have missed the train.”

They say, “But missing a train does not mean that you have to laugh.”

He said, “You don’t know the whole story - just wait: the two who have caught the train came to see me off! But in a hurry.”

There are people who are always missing. Missing becomes the habit for their whole life.

Each moment - you have to be alert not to miss it. But you are not there, you are somewhere else. Naturally you go on missing. You will think of this moment when it has gone. You will say, “My God, I missed that opportunity.”

Henry Ford was asked by a journalist, “What is the secret of your success?” - because he was a poor man, born poor, and became the richest man in the world.

Ford said, “My secret is simple, it is an open secret, I never miss an opportunity.”

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