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Chapter 9: Skies beyond Skies

But it can happen only if the man comes to a point where sex drops by itself, because this is the deepest reason for man’s and woman’s conflict. And they are not aware of it, so they fight on any other excuse - continuously misunderstanding. Man says something, the woman understands something else. The woman says something, the man understands something else.

It is almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation between two lovers. I have never heard of anything like that. You can have an intelligent conversation with somebody else’s woman, but not with your own woman. With your own woman you can only fight, or you can read your newspaper.

Two Italians meet each other in the Ashram Pizzeria.

“Are you going to Goa?” asks the first.

“No, I’m-a going to stay-a,” replies the friend.

The pope was giving another of his speeches to a lively crowd of Italian youngsters. He was trying hard to make his point. “You must not use-a the pill!”

A young, pretty signorina stepped forward and said, “Look, Polack! You no play-a da game, you no make-a da rules.”

This goes on, this misunderstanding. But with my people I hope to create a very deep understanding of all that is hidden inside in the darkness. I am trying to bring it out in every possible way, so that you can become aware of your whole being and what the real authentic cause of your misery is. And if you are thinking of some false causes of your misery, you are not going to get out of misery.

Nancy Reagan comes back from her medical examination with a smile on her face.

“Why the grin?” asks Ronald Reagan with a sour face.

“Because,” she boasts, “Dr. White told me I have the figure of a woman half my age.”

“Oh, yeah? And what about your seventy year old ass?”

“Come to think of it,” replies Nancy, “he didn’t say a thing about you.”