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Chapter 3: Session 3

Eighth: the last - at least for today, because one never knows about tomorrow. Other devils may start knocking at my doors. I must have read more than any man alive on the earth, and remember, I am not boasting but simply stating a fact. I must have read at least one hundred thousand books, possibly more, but not less than that, because after that I stopped counting. So I don’t know about tomorrow, but for the eighth today.. I am feeling a little guilty about Geet Govind because I haven’t told you the name of the author. I will tell you, but first let me finish the eighth.

The eighth book that has impressed me immensely is a strange one, obviously; otherwise it would not have impressed me at all. You will be shocked! Guess what the eighth book can be.. I know you cannot guess it - not that it is in Sanskrit or Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. You have heard about it, you may even have it in your home. It is the Song of Solomon in The Old Testament. This is a book I love wholeheartedly. I hate all that is Jewish except the Song of Solomon.

The Song of Solomon is very much misunderstood because of the so-called psychologists, particularly the Freudians - the frauds. They have been interpreting the Song of Solomon in the worst possible way; they make it a sexual song. It is not. It is sensual, that’s true, very sensual, but not sexual. It is so alive, that’s why it is sensual. It is so full of juice, that is why it is sensual.but not sexual. Sex may be a part of it, but don’t misguide humanity. Even the Jews have become afraid of it. They think that it has been included in The Old Testament by accident. In fact this song is the only thing worth preserving; all else is worth throwing into the fire.

Is my hour over? So bad. You say “Yes,” but what can I do? - this is the very beauty. Thank you both.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

How beautiful to stop at this beauty. No, no, no. This “No” is what the Indians say when they attain to enlightenment. Then they don’t want to be born again. They say “No, no, no..” After this beautiful experience, what is the point of continuing?