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Chapter 26: In Tantra, Forget about Technique

So just go wild, and that man will drop. It is not a question of dropping him; it is a question of being more in love. One can remain hung up with an old relationship if the new one is not as satisfying - otherwise who is worried? If the former relationship is still at a higher peak, if you can compare it and you still feel that it was higher, then it will always remain in the mind. Make this higher and the other will disappear.

We’ve been going too mild.

No, mildness won’t do. And he is a little mild - a gentleman. [laughter] Gentleman are of no use in love - just be a little rough!


The Vipassana group is present. Osho asks the group leader if he has something to say.

They worked very hard. They were very male - a lot of willpower. But they needed a longer time. I think it should all be three weeks, maybe even more. I’m getting the feel of it more now, but each group is different.

Each group is going to be different, because people have different personalities, and then the groups have different personalities.

It was very crowded as well.

Too crowded? But that can be a helpful thing if you don’t make it a problem. Sometimes a few things can happen when you are in a very crowded space; even the very crowding can become an experience. You lose the ego because you lose privacy. And by and by, if you have to live in a crowded room, you start being alone - even in a crowd. So that’s not bad in a way.


[to the assistant group leader] Do you have anything to say? Where is your staff? You haven’t brought it? I wanted to hit you!

Perhaps I need that! .There is one query. Last darshan you said that those that didn’t want to be hit could say so.

No, no. I said that those who want to be hit can just give the hint to you to hit them more. Nobody can say they don’t want to be hit!

I misunderstood you. Because I questioned their motives, there were three who said.

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