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Chapter 12: The Dewdrop and the Ocean

Do you search for God? Seek how to become God. And the path of this search is the same as the dewdrop in its search for the ocean.

I believe in God, but you say belief is harmful. Should I give up my belief?

Isn’t the answer to your question present in the question itself? What kind of belief is this that one can hold on to or give up at wish? It is just a blind mental concept which clearly has no value at all. That is blind faith and the less blindness you have in life the better.

I do not ask you to believe, I ask you to know. Only a state of mind that comes through knowing, through realizing, has any value. You can call it “right faith” if you wish, but it is not faith, it is knowing. Don’t have faith in truth, search for it, seek it out. But don’t catch hold of any belief or concept. This is a sign of the mind’s weakness. It is lethargy; it is a negligence. It is an injurious way to save yourself from the work of seeking it out for yourself.

Blind faith is an escape from the endeavor for self-realization. In a sense it is nothing short of suicide, because once one falls into this ditch one becomes incapable of climbing the peak of truth. These two paths lead you in opposite directions. One is the ditch you fall into, the other, the lofty summit you climb to.

Faith is an easy thing because a man is not required to do anything. In that sense, knowing is not so easy. Knowing is the complete transformation of life. Faith is merely an outer apparel; knowing is the inner revolution. The easiness of faith naturally throws religion from the fire of spiritual endeavor into the slumber of blind belief. Religion is not about faith, but unfortunately the mob religions of today are just that. And that is why what seems to be “mob religion” is what I find myself unable to call religion. About that only Karl Marx is right: it is not religion, but opium.