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Chapter 4: Love Is Death

The woman related that she and the man, now deceased, had met in the local pub, and when “time” was called, had gone on to her place to have another drink. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together. Suddenly she noticed a strange look in his eyes which she described to the coroner’s jury in these words: “Coming, I thought; but going he was.”

And the second..

An old deacon having occasion to spend a night at a hotel was assigned a room containing three single beds, two of which already had occupants. Soon after the light was extinguished, one of these began to snore so loudly as to prevent the deacon from getting to sleep. The tumult increased as the night wore away, until it became absolutely fearful. Some two or three hours after midnight the snorer turned in bed, gave a hideous groan and became silent.

The deacon had supposed the third gentleman asleep, but at this juncture he heard him exclaim, “He is dead! Thank God, he is dead.”

And the last is a very precious one - meditate over it..

One day when Jesus was walking through a village, he came upon an angry mob who had backed a woman up against a wall and were getting ready to stone her. Raising his hand Jesus quieted the mob, and then said solemnly, “Now let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.” Immediately a little old lady picked up a big rock and hurled it at the woman. “Mother,” said Jesus between gritted teeth, “you exasperate me.”

And the last question:

It is obvious that you are in love with orange, but then why don’t you yourself wear orange?

I.and in love with orange? God forbid! I hate it! That’s why I force you to wear it - it is a sort of punishment for not being enlightened yet!

Enough for today.