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Chapter 5: Truth Is That Which Is

If you determine your course
with force or speed,
you miss the way of the law.

Quietly consider
what is right and what is wrong.
Receiving all opinions equally,
without haste, wisely,
observe the law.

Who is wise,
the eloquent or the quiet man?
Be quiet,
and loving and fearless.

For the mind talks,
but the body knows.

Gray hairs do not make a master.
A man may grow old in vain.

The true master lives in truth,
in goodness and restraint,
nonviolence, moderation and purity.

Fine words or fine features
cannot make a master
out of a jealous and greedy man.

Only when envy and selfishness
are rooted out of him
may he grow in beauty.

A man may shave his head
but if he still lies and neglects his work,
if he clings to desire and attachment,
how can he follow the way?

The true seeker
subdues all waywardness.
He has submitted his nature to quietness.

He is a true seeker
not because he begs
but because he follows the lawful way,
holding back nothing, holding to nothing,
beyond good and beyond evil,
beyond the body and beyond the mind.

The way of Gautama the Buddha is the way of let-go; it cannot be determined by willpower. Willpower is only a beautiful name for ego power. The existence of the will is nothing but a by-product of the ego. The ego itself is a shadow, hence willpower is a shadow of a shadow. The very idea of having a will of one’s own is against existence. It creates a rift between you and the whole. The whole has will - how can the part have a will of its own? The part can win, not against the whole but with the whole. The part can win, not by winning but by surrendering.

The path of Buddha is of total surrender: total surrender to the dhamma, to Tao, to the universal law, to God. These are different names for the same phenomenon. We are living in a cosmos, not in a chaos. Everything is as perfect as it can be; nothing can be improved upon. The very idea of trying to improve upon things is sheer stupidity. Those who have known, they have known the absolute perfection of existence.

Then what is left? To dissolve in the whole and celebrate! This cannot be done as a determination on your part, because if you determine, then you remain there behind your determination hiding in disguise. If you determine, how can you dissolve? You cannot surrender - if you surrender, it is not surrender.

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