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Chapter 9: The Essence in Life

The meaning of the word God can only be moksha. That is why the great enlightened people have not used the word ‘god.’ Mahavira talks about moksha and not about God, because there are many illusions with the word God and even the word has created prisons. Buddha also talks about nirvana and not about God, because even the word god has created new bondages - of being a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. A Hindu is tied down to being a Hindu, a Mohammedan is tied down to being a Mohammedan. Somebody is tied to a temple and somebody is tied to a mosque.

Religion is the ultimate freedom. That is why there cannot be any temple or mosque of religion. The day you become really religious, you will see the divine in the temple as well as in the mosque. Then sometimes you will pray in the temple and sometimes in the mosque. Actually, there will be no need for you to go to the temple or the mosque; you will be able to see the divine in your own house, you will see him everywhere.

You can understand this last sutra of Shankara only if you keep in mind that religion is the ultimate freedom.

Dropping sex, anger, greed and attachment, meditate upon yourself.

Sex, anger, greed and attachment, these are the four bondages which keep your moksha, your freedom, suppressed. The base of all these four is sex. Because sex creates attachment, attachment creates greed, and anger is born towards the person who creates an obstacle to our greed. The basic disease is sex.

You must understand the meaning of “sex.” The meaning of “sex” is the hope of getting happiness from the other. “Sex” means, that my happiness is outside myself. And “meditation” means, that my happiness is within me.

The journey will become very easy if you understand these two definitions properly. The meaning of sex is that my happiness is outside of me, in someone else; if the other gives then I can get it. I cannot find the happiness alone. It is miserable to be alone and it is a pleasure to be in the company of the other. That is why you don’t want to be alone. You are afraid to be alone. You feel uncomfortable when you are alone even for a short time. As soon as you are alone you start throwing all types of garbage into yourself. You will start reading the newspaper all over again - you will not mind if you have read the same paper three or four times! Or you will switch on the radio so that there can be some noise to save you from being alone. Or you will play cards, or you run to a hotel or a club - anywhere, anyhow.

A young man came to me three days ago and said that because he is meditating, his fear of being alone is increasing - sometimes he just runs out of the house and goes to the bazaar, and by being in the crowd of the bazaar he gets the feeling of relief that he is not alone. He comes home feeling reassured.

You say that you are very busy, but most of the busyness of your life is not necessary; that time can be utilized for your rest. It is not that work is very important, but you feel lost without work.

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