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Chapter 10: Completing the Circle

“Then,” the Mulla said, “I was so engrossed in catching fish, that I forgot all about the snake. An hour later, I felt something tapping at my shoe. I looked down and was amazed to see the same snake with two frogs in its mouth. The snake was saying, ‘The same again, bartender.’”

That story was about the false wine, and we are talking about the real wine.

It is natural to be afraid. You are living in a certain way, and I will disturb it all. You have cultivated a certain kind of world, and I will put it all into chaos. But I want to say to you that the world that you have cultivated is.the last morning star. You only are imagining that you have managed it - nothing is managed. And what I am pointing at is the polestar: if its light enters into your life, you can come into contact with the eternal.

Don’t be satisfied until you have made that contact. Don’t settle for less than the divine. Let the search continue until your cup is full with the wine of ultimate liberation. You will have to continue. Those who have stopped early without finding their destination, have turned an overnight stay into their home. They will be sad, they will suffer. They are the worldly people.

Here the effort is to turn you all into sadhjan, to turn you all into drunkards. The day that you rise and fall down, the day that your feet land where you did not intend them to land, the day that you laugh, cry, sing and glorify the divine - on that day the flower of your life, which has waited for so long to open, will blossom. Your lotus will unfold all its petals, and your fragrance will be released into the air. That is moksha, the ultimate liberation. And that moksha is bliss. Everything else is sorrow, pain and anguish.

Gather courage, be brave. This wine is not to be missed.

Enough for today.