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Chapter 6: The Need to Win

The neighbors asked, “Is your brother-in-law a great psychoanalyst, psychologist, or something? How could he cure you?

The man said, “He is a carpenter. He simply cut the legs off my bed. Now there’s no more space, so I slept for the first time!”

You create a space - and desire is the way to create that space. The greater the desire, the more space is created. Because if a desire is to be fulfilled in one year, then you have one year’s space. You can move in it, but then you will have to encounter many reptiles, many dragons. This space which is created by desire, you call it time. If there is no desire, there is no need for time.

A single moment exists - not even two moments, because the second is needed only by desire, it is not needed by your existence. Existence is completely fulfilled, totally, in one moment.

Remember: if you think that time is something outside you, then you are deceiving yourself. Time is not something outside you.

If man disappears from the earth will there be time? Trees will grow, rivers will flow, clouds will still float in the sky, but I ask, will there be time? There will not be any time. There will be moments, rather, there will be one moment - and when one moment disappears another comes into existence. Another disappears, another comes into existence. But there is no time as such. Only the atomic moment exists.

Trees don’t desire anything, they don’t desire to flower, flowers will come automatically. It is part of the nature of the tree that flowers will come. But the tree is not dreaming, the tree is not moving, it is not thinking, it is not desiring.

If man is not there, there will be no time, just eternal moments. You create time with desire. The greater the desire, the more time is needed.

For materialistic desires much time is not needed. That is why in the West they say that there is only one life. In the East we have desired moksha. That is the greatest desire possible - no other desire can be greater than that. But how can you get moksha in one life? One life is not enough. You may get a palace, you may organize a kingdom, you may become very rich and powerful, a Hitler, a Ford. You may become something in this world, but moksha is such a great desire that one life is not enough.

So in the East we believe in many lives, in rebirth, because more time is needed, many lives will be needed. Only then can you hope that the desire for moksha will be fulfilled. I’m not saying whether there are many lives or not. That is not the point. But in the East people believe in many lives because they desire moksha. If there is only one life how can you attain it?

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