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Chapter 8: This Too Will Pass

That’s how it happens to man. You move in the branches, farther away from the roots. You come to many flowers; you are enchanted. The world is beautiful all around you, you completely forget about the roots. But it is not that you are uprooted. Forgetfulness is just forgetfulness.

That is the meaning of religion: to reunite, to remember again. This word remember is also beautiful. It means to become the member again, re-member - to become part of the source again, to go to the source and become the member of it again.

Religion is reuniting with your own source. Religion is remembering, becoming again a part of the organic unity that you are. It is nothing to do with the others. The ego is always concerned with the others, this way or that. When you become totally concerned with yourself ego simply drops. There is no point for it to exist.

Alone you have no ego. Try it! When you are sitting totally alone, not even thinking of others, is there any ego left? There is no possibility, the ego needs two to exist. Just like a bridge cannot exist if there are not two banks to the river - the bridge needs two to be supported, the ego exists as a bridge between you and the other. So in fact the ego is not in you - it is just between you and the other.

This is something to be remembered always: the ego is not in you, it cannot be there. It is always between you and the other - the husband and wife, the friend, the enemy - always the other. So when you go deep inside there is no ego. In your total loneliness ego simply drops. That’s why ego goes on playing tricks. Even if you start searching and seeking for truth the ego says, “Help others”; the ego says, “Transform others.” And religion is again missed. It becomes a mission.

Religion is not a mission. Missionaries are again on the wrong track. They have again become concerned with the other - now in the name of religion, in the name of service, but whenever you are concerned with the other you have left the source. A religious man also helps others but he is not concerned. It is natural, it is not a mission. It is not something on the mind; he is not seeking and searching to help somebody, it is just by the way. Out of his inner treasures he simply shares. And he is not to change anybody! He is not after you to mold you in a certain pattern, because that is the subtlest violence possible in the world - to try to change the other, to mold the other. That means you are cutting and being aggressive. And you don’t accept the other as God has created him. You have better proposals and you have better ideas than the divine himself. You want to improve on the whole. You are simply stupid.

This is how ego comes in.

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