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Chapter 16: Drowned in Spaghetti

Just yesterday I heard about one sannyasin who has said that he agrees with me sixty percent. Agreeing sixty percent actually means the difference between his agreement of sixty percent and disagreement of forty-nine percent is only eleven percent. Now this person can escape any moment.

But I don’t think you agree with me sixty percent. And I have never asked anybody how much you agree with me. Either you are with me or you are not with me. There is no question of agreement, because I am not teaching you any doctrine that you have to believe. Whether you believe sixty percent, seventy percent or fifty percent, you believe.

I am simply making my own meditation available to you in different ways, through groups, through therapies, through meditation, through talking to you. You have not to agree or disagree; those are childish things. Either you have to experience me, and that is going to be a hundred percent, or you have not to open to me, and that is going to be a hundred percent. Either you open or you don’t.

That that time has passed; you cannot close yourself to me. Wherever you are you will remain open. And now I am not going anywhere, for the simple reason that without going physically I can reach to my people if they are open to me. Even if physically I reach those who are not open to me it is pointless. Even if you go you will be coming back, because the moment you leave me you will start thinking again to come. So don’t do unnecessary exercises.

You have come, you have been one of my oldest sannyasins who has never for a moment thought that they can be against me. But the fear is natural: the closer you come, the more you will feel afraid. So when you are coming closer, come fast, faster than your fear.

An Eskimo proverb is: On thin ice one should run fast. Everybody who is around me is on thin ice. Don’t stand there! Run fast! Your speed has to be faster than the breaking of the thin layer of ice. And according to your weight, you have to run really fast.

Anyway you want to run, why run for a dry land? Run towards me. I have been calling you all, inviting you, persuading you, slapping you to wake up because you go on falling asleep. Just two or three days ago I had to slap Veena because she was falling asleep. Now she looks awake.

A little six-year-old girl came to the kitchen and asked, “Mommy, can I have babies?”

“No, of course not, dear,” her mother replied.

The little girl turned around and ran back outside shouting, “Okay boys, same game, same game.”

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