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Chapter 19: Relish the Mystery in the Depths of Your Heart

Practicing all six periods of the day and night means among the six senses constantly cultivating enlightenment and persevering in every form of awareness. Never relaxing control over the six senses is what’s meant by all six periods.

But these are contradictory to his own statements. Control is not needed because it is through the mind. Practice is not needed because it is through the mind. One has to live a life of let-go - that was his basic teaching. One has to be spontaneous. One has to live moment to moment, neither thinking of the past, nor thinking of the future, nor clinging to the present.

He has given such beautiful sutras, and at the end he spoils his own work completely.

As for walking around stupas, the stupa is your body and mind. When your awareness circles your body and mind without stop, this is called walking around a stupa.

He is just trying to manage somehow, even though the whole thing is so stupid. Stupas actually exist and Buddhists of Mahayana school go on pilgrimages to the stupas and go around them. But your body and mind is not a stupa. A stupa is for when you are dead; then a grave has to be created for you. The Buddhist grave is called a stupa. It is made in a certain round way.

But your body and mind are alive. And how can your consciousness go around body and mind? He is not even taking into consideration that all his interpretations can be questioned. They were not questioned because they consoled the people. They wanted something tangible and if it was a metaphor - no harm; he is not denying Gautam Buddha.

The same holds true for observing a fast.

Even a man of very small intelligence can see the stupidity..

To fast means to regulate your body and mind.

I cannot conceive how a fast can mean:

.to regulate your body and mind so that they are not distracted or disturbed.

Fast simply means fast, and nothing else.

Also, once you stop eating the food of delusion, if you touch it again, you break your fast.