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Chapter 4: Nothing Is Missing

Listen to wives and husbands talking. The wife goes on saying that the husband doesn’t love her as he used to; and they go on talking about past moments, their honeymoon and other things. What nonsense! You are still alive. This moment can be a honeymoon! This moment can be lived, but you are talking of the past, trying to repeat it.

Security never satisfies, and in insecurity there is fear - fear that the relationship can be lost. But that is part of being alive. Everything can be lost, nothing is certain - and that’s why everything is so beautiful. And that’s why you need not postpone for a single moment. If you want to love a person, love him herenow. Love him, because nobody knows what is going to happen in the next moment. The next moment there may be no possibility for love, and then you will repent for the whole of your life. You could have loved, you could have lived. Then remorse surrounds a person; repentance and a deep guilt is felt - as if you have been committing suicide.

Life is uncertain. No one can make it certain, there is no way to make it certain. And it is good that nobody can make it certain, otherwise it would be dead. Life is fragile, delicate, always moving into the unknown - that’s its beauty. One needs to be courageous, adventurous. One needs to be a gambler to move with life. So be a gambler.

Live this moment, and live it totally. When the next moment comes, we will see - you will be there to tackle it. As you have been able to tackle the past, you will be able to tackle the future also. And you will be more capable because you will be more experienced.

So it is not a question of whether this man is going to be there the next moment. The question is that if he is available to you in this moment, love him. Don’t waste this moment in thinking and worrying about the future, because this is suicidal. Don’t pay a single thought to the future because nothing can be done about it - so it is a sheer wastage of energy.

Love this man and be loved by him. This is my understanding: that if you live this moment totally, there is every possibility that in the next moment the person may still be available. I say maybe. I can’t promise you - maybe. But the possibility is more because the next moment is going to come out of this one. If you have loved the man and the man feels blessed, and the relationship has been a beautiful experience, an ecstasy, then why should he leave you?

In fact if you go on worrying, you are making him, forcing him to leave you. And if you have wasted this moment, the next moment will come out of this wastage; it is going to be rotten.

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