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Chapter 8: The Path of Intelligence

He looked in the closet, under the bed, and in the attic. He happened to glance out of the second floor apartment window and saw a young light-haired man get into a red convertible.

“There he is!” he said, and grabbed the refrigerator and rolled it to the window and pushed it out. He crushed the fellow in the car and died of a heart attack himself.

Saint Peter: “What happened to you, young man?”

Young man: “I got crushed to death by a fridge.”

Saint Peter: “And you?”

Salesman: “While pushing a fridge through a window I died of a heart attack.”

Saint Peter to the third man: “What did you die of?”

Third man: “Well, I was sitting in this fridge, minding my own business, and.”

Life is very accidental. One never knows from where the fridge will come. Somebody may be sitting in it, minding his own business.. That’s why I say become a sannyasin: this is the only moment to live, and there is no other moment.

Enough for today.