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Chapter 6: Madmen and Devotees

The woman is not going to forget it, she will remember. She will remind you again and again about what you have said, that you will love her forever and forever. What has happened to your love? You will feel guilty and you will feel impotent and helpless because you cannot do anything. Now you know you should not have talked about the future, but at that moment you could not resist yourself; at that moment it looked as if you would be loving her forever and forever. In that moment it was a truth, but the part of the mind that asserted it is no longer the emperor. Now there are other minds: another part is sitting on the throne and he loves another woman, he chooses another woman. Whatsoever you promise, you are not going to fulfill.

A man of understanding never promises because he knows his helplessness. He will say, “l would like to love you forever and forever, but who knows? I may not be the same the next day.” He will feel humble, he will not feel confident. Only fools feel confident. People of understanding hesitate because they know there is a crowd inside them, they are not one.

That’s why in all the old scriptures it is said that if a good thought comes to you do it immediately, because the next moment you may not like to do it at all. And if a bad thought comes to you postpone it a little. If anything good arises in you don’t miss the moment, do it! If you feel it is good you can do it again tomorrow, but do it right now, don’t postpone.

But the ordinary mind goes on doing just the opposite: whatsoever good arises in you, you postpone it for tomorrow - then it never happens - and whatsoever bad arises in you, you do it immediately. If you are angry you will be angry right now, you cannot postpone it. But if you are feeling compassion you will say, “What is the hurry? Tomorrow!” That tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is non-existential.

Ordinarily, a man is a crowd. In fact, we should not use the word mind in singular. We should not say that you have a mind. That is wrong. Only rare persons have a mind. You have minds. You are poly-psychic.

The heart - this is the beautiful thing - the heart is always one. It does not know the duality. It is not a crowd, it is a unity. The closer you come to the heart, “the one” arises and “the many” disappears far away. The heart needs no promise - even without promising it is going to fulfill.

The mind goes on making promises but it never fulfills them. In fact, it promises just to create an illusion because it knows it is not going to fulfill anything. So at least create an illusion by promising, “I will love you for ever and ever.” The heart will never say that, but it will do it. And when you can do it what is the point of saying it? There is no need.

The man of love is mad, mad to the logical mind, but he is not ill. In the Western madhouses there are many people who are not mad. If they had been in Eastern countries they may even have been worshipped. In the West this clarity does not yet exist that a man can be head-oriented mad or heart-oriented mad. A heart-oriented madman is not a madman, he is a godly man; or he is mad in such a different way that he needs to be worshipped, revered, respected. There is no need to treat him, there is no need to put him in an asylum, there is no need to give him shocks. But things go to the extreme, always.

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