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Chapter 26: The Alchemy of Enlightenment

Just relax more, and leave everything in the hands of existence: a total trust and a complete passivity. Your absence is the presence of godliness. The moment you are not, the miracle has happened.

The other night you pointed out that Jesus, Marx and Freud were perhaps the world’s greatest businessmen.
On occasion I have heard you call yourself an old Jew.
Osho, what is your business?

I am a silent partner.

Since sannyas in 1981 people have continually been seeing Jesus Christ in me! What have I to do with this guy?

It is dangerous. Cut off your beard, otherwise, they will cut off your head!

Jesus! - they see Jesus Christ in you? Then crucifixion is not far away. The first thing out of this hall, cut off your beard, And if they recognize you even then, keep a small board hanging on your neck that says, “I am not Jesus Christ.”

You have to make it clear; otherwise your life is in danger.