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Chapter 7: The Severe Teacher

It is an old story. If in the future there are monasteries like old Zen monasteries, there will be no need to hit with a staff. An electric shock can be given - but something so shocking that the whole being trembles, something so shocking that there is a break in the desire that is leading you out.

The master hit the disciple so hard that he died. This is the visible part of it - he fell down and died. What happened inside? What is the inside story? When the master hit the disciple, it was the moment of his death, but desire was arising. And in the moment of death, if sex is there, only then can you enter into another womb; otherwise you cannot enter.

Men dying in bed, if they are conscious, always think of sex. It may be strange but an old man, even a man of a hundred years, dying in bed, almost always thinks of sex, because sex is the first and the last in the body’s life. He may have been thinking of God before, he may have been chanting Ram, Ram, Ram, but suddenly at the moment of death everything drops and sex appears again. It is natural: the first must be the last. You were conceived out of sex and you must die with sex in your mind.

So dirty old men are not just a myth. The body is almost dead but the mind continues to think. And old men think more about sex than young men, because young men can do something about it. Old men cannot do, they can only think; the whole phenomenon becomes cerebral, mental.

In the moment of death you are preparing for a re-entry, for entering the womb. Try to understand deeply: why is there so much attraction in entering the feminine body, the female body? What do you gain out of it? While making love, when your whole being wants to penetrate the feminine body, what do you gain out of it? Psychologists say - and spiritualists have always been alert about it - that it is again the same symbolic act of entry. It is not only when you are conceived that your being enters into the womb of a woman; this persists your whole life. Again and again you want to penetrate the female body; you want to reach the womb again and again.

Sex means the urge to penetrate the feminine body, to enter again into the womb. They are both the same: whether you enter as a seed or you enter just in a sex act, the urge is to enter. At the moment of death sex must come into the mind, and if it comes, you have missed. You have created a desire, and now this desire will lead you again into another womb. You will enter.

The master was waiting behind. Masters are always waiting behind disciples, whether physically or nonphysically. And this is one of the greatest moments - when a person is going to die. The master hit him hard; his body fell down, but inside he became alert. The desire disappeared. The girl passing was no more, the street was there no longer. Everything dropped with the body, shattered; he became alert. In that alertness he died. And if you can join alertness and death you have become enlightened. That’s why a miracle happened.

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