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Chapter 4: Patience Is the Way of Existence

Just think of the moment - your joy, your peace, your centeredness. The more you enjoy them, the more they grow, and faster. But don’t think in terms of becoming rich very fast. Even if the richness is of the inner world, to become rich fast one has to use wrong means - and in the inner world you cannot use wrong means. That will not be profitable; that will be a loss. In the outside world, if you want to become rich faster then you have to use wrong means.

But to be with me, at least one thing has always to be remembered: we are not looking for any profit, we are not looking for any reward. Our reward is in this moment. Our profit is our joy in this moment.

Farelli came from Italy, opened a restaurant and became very successful. He still practiced the simplest form of bookkeeping. He kept the accounts payable in a cigar box, accounts due on a spindle, and cash in the register. One day his youngest son, who had just graduated as an economics major, said to him, “Pa, I don’t see how you run your business this way. How do you know what your profits are?”

“Well, sonny boy,” replied Farelli, “when I got off-a the boat I no have nothing but-a the pants I was-a wearing. Just-a the pants. Today your brother is a doctor, your sister is-a the teacher and you just-a graduate.”

“I know, papa, but..”

“Your mama and me have a nice-a car, a nice-a house, a good-a business and everything is-a paid for. So you add all-a that together, you subtract-a the pants and that’s-a the profit.”

Why get into so much unnecessary detail? That poor Italian was doing very well! Now to count all these things and then to subtract the pants-a.and the remaining is all the profit.

On the path there is no need to keep any accounts. Each moment live totally, joyously, and move on. Don’t carry even the memory of that moment: that too becomes a burden, that too prevents you from responding to reality spontaneously. If you want to be spontaneous and responsive then you need a very clean, mirror-like mind. No dust should gather on it.

And Veena, as far as I see you are doing perfectly well. But these are human desires that again and again arise in people - perhaps things can be done better; perhaps rather than going by a bullock cart I can go by an airplane. These ideas simply create anxiety in you and disturb your natural growth.

Live each moment and don’t let it gather in your memory. Keep your memory clean.

And everything that you have never imagined, never dreamt of, is going to happen to you.