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Chapter 9: Who Is This Man Osho?

Everybody is beautiful but everybody does not prove to be beautiful, because very few people attain to their potential; they go astray. They don’t grow to be what they were born to be. They grow in an insane society and naturally, learn the whole art of being insane. Because here, whoever is more insane will be the winner.

The sane person will stand out of the race. And the insane will not take any note - whatever happens to him or to others, and whatever the cost, he is going to be on the top.

Your presidents and your prime ministers are your most insane people. Their right place is in madhouses, but they are ruling the whole world. In three thousand years they have managed five thousand wars. And the insanity has gone on growing; it has not been stable. Today it has reached its peak, and Ronald Reagan is standing on almost an Everest of nuclear weapons, ready to destroy the whole of life on this beautiful planet.

Hence, I have to make this strange statement: I love him; I respect him as a human being if he comes back to sanity.but he is going more and more insane and senile. Retarded, he has always been. It would have been perfectly good if he had remained in Hollywood as a cowboy actor. But when he became the president, he started behaving in the same way as if he was acting in a cowboy film.

It is real life; it is not a film, but he has not been able to assimilate the fact.

When he became the president, he came to the White House with his only friend, a chimpanzee. Now, if you cannot find any friendship in human beings and you find friendship with a chimpanzee, it shows something about you. It also shows something about the chimpanzee - that he is an intelligent fellow.

On the first day they had both gone for a walk on the beach. An old drunkard watched these two fellows. He could not believe it and he could not resist the temptation either. He went close to them and said, “Mr. President, it does not look right to have a chimpanzee as your friend. It is humiliating to the whole of America.”

And as Ronald Reagan was going to say something, the drunkard said, “You shut up - I am talking to Mr. President.”

This man Ronald Reagan has gone completely astray, and he is now the most powerful man. In the hands of a great insane person is so much power that you are living moment to moment in tremendous risk. He can blow up the whole earth just by pushing a button, and I don’t think that he will hesitate to do it.

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