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Chapter 3: The Fruits Are Ripe

I can’t follow anything, I simply live moment to moment. It is perfectly true: I have come at the wrong time, but that is the way, the only way I can come. But we will try to change the time. I am not going to fit with your dead and rotten society; I am going to change it.

The other half of my question was whether this was the wrong country. Was it a mistake to come to the United States?

All countries are wrong, because the very idea of a country is idiotic. This whole earth, this whole world, is one.

Don Lattin

San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, California, United States

I would like you to elaborate on two things you said in Pune on what happens when religious movements become institutions - when Buddha becomes Buddhism or Rajneesh becomes Rajneeshism. You warned that once a religion becomes organized, violence enters into it. Organization is going to be violent; it has to fight its way. I wanted you to comment on that, in light of the weaponry we see and the security forces in Rajneeshpuram.
The other thing you said on that subject which I found very fascinating was “We have to learn one thing, not to institutionalize religion. When the master goes, let the religion go.” I wanted you to comment on that in the light of the announcement that was made here last summer that three committees were being formed to oversee Rajneeshism once you - if you - leave your body. Thank you.

Your question needs no answer, because the answer is all over the place: look at the guns around me; look at the organization of Rajneeshism - and I am still alive, I am not dead. But I am fighting with everybody, not only the people who are not Rajneeshees. I am fighting with every Rajneeshee too.

Don’t get institutionalized, don’t become an organization; remain an organism. Whatsoever I have said is absolutely true, and you can see the organization and the guns as evidence of it. And when I am going to die - who cares what happens? Please at least let me die peacefully.

Mr. Romano Giachetti

EPOCA Magazine, Italy

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