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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality

These groups just bring you to face your reality. Use that opportunity and change your old patterns and attitudes.

There is nothing to be ashamed of; everything is perfect as it is. There cannot be any more perfect a world than this. Right now, this moment is the climax of the whole existence, the very matrix on which everything revolves. Nothing can be more perfect, so simply relax and enjoy. Once you learn how to accept everything, you have transcended. Then nothing disturbs, in fact nothing corrupts you then. You always remain like a lotus flower - in the water but untouched by it. You live in the world, but the world never lives in you. So just accept whatsoever is there; bring it out.

Open your doors to the sun and the air and the sky.never close them. Then new fresh air is always passing you, new sunrays are always passing you. Allow the traffic of existence to pass through you. Never be a closed road, otherwise only death and dirt gathers.

Just drop all notions of shame, and never judge anything. Never judge anything. Anger comes - what can you do? Let it be there. While it is there be totally in it, and suddenly you will realize that if you are totally in it even anger becomes beautiful. Whatsoever is of the total becomes beautiful. The partial is ugly, the total is beautiful. Let that be the definition: the total is good, the partial is bad, God is total, Devil is partial.

So whatsoever is you, be total in it, and just your being total will transform the very quality of it. This is the alchemy of transformation, of inner transformation. Accept and move with the moment. If you really move there will be no hangover. If you really go into anger you finish with it, because when you go into it totally it is finished. And then you are out of it, completely out of it, uncorrupted by it.

Watch a small child who is not yet corrupted by the society. When he is angry, he is really angry; he explodes. A tiny child, but he becomes so powerful - as if he will destroy the whole world. He becomes red, red-hot, as if he is on fire. Just watch the child, how beautiful he is - so alive. And the next moment he is playing and laughing - the anger is no more there. You cannot even believe that he was angry just a moment before. You cannot even suspect - this child, and angry? So loving, so flower-like - and just a moment before he was a flame!

This is the way to live life. One day suddenly you find that you have not been angry for years; not that you have been repressing, it just never occurred to you. You are so total that there is never a hangover left from any moment. You are always fresh and young, and the past is not like a load on you. You are not tired or frustrated by the past. This is what is meant by dying every moment to the past and being born anew: a rebirth, a resurrection every moment.

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