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Chapter 7: Forgetfulness, the Only Sin

If you go to the synagogue and the church and the temple you will find the same people, with the same mind, with no differences at all. They function with the mind in the marketplace; they go to the temple with the same mind. And how can you go to the temple with a mind that functions perfectly well in the marketplace? The marketplace is an insane asylum! You will have to learn a different language. But people go on repeating the same kind of stupidity. You cannot even shake them, shock them, out of their sleep, because they become very angry.

Mulla Nasruddin was complaining of seeing striped camels whenever he tried to sleep.

“Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?” I asked him.

“No, never,” he said, “just striped camels.”

People go on living in their own small worlds, their own ideas, prejudices. They go on functioning in every situation in the same way. In the temple they speak the same language that they speak in the marketplace. In love also, they are always businesslike.

I asked Mulla Nasruddin, “Nasruddin, I hear you just had an accident?”

He said, “Yes, it was pretty bad, but I collected twenty thousand rupees, and my wife who was in the accident with me, got five thousand rupees.”

I asked him, “Did she get hurt?”

Nasruddin laughed and said, “No, but I had the presence of mind to kick her in the face during the confusion!”

Now, even in an accident the mind goes on doing its thing. All the buddhas have been trying to pull you out of your mind. The way is simple. In these sutras Buddha is talking about the way to get out of this stupid mind.

Do not let pleasure distract you
from meditation, from the way.

Pleasure is a momentary titillation of the body. It is not joy, it is not bliss. Pleasure is getting intoxicated for the moment with the physical, getting identified with the physical.

When you become identified with the body and when you start listening to the body and its instincts, a certain kind of titillation, a momentary state of intoxication, arises in you. The intoxication is created within your own body chemistry.

One can take drugs from the outside, get intoxicated and forget all the worries, anxieties, burdens, and responsibilities of the world. One can completely forget the world; it is too much sometimes, it is too heavy. Just slipping out through alcohol, mescaline, marijuana, LSD, gives you a sense of pleasure; it is not real pleasure, it is only absence of pain.

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