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Chapter 11: Choose the Eternal

The eleventh saying:

Jesus said:
A city being built on a high mountain and fortified, cannot fall nor can it ever be hidden.

Jesus said:
What thou shalt hear in thine ear and in the other ear, that preach from your housetops; for no one lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel, nor does he put it in a hidden place, but he sets it on the lamp stand so that all who come in and go out may see its light.

Jesus said:
If a blind man leads a blind man, both of them fall into a pit.

The whole human problem consists of choosing between the momentary and the eternal. If you choose the momentary you are building your house on sands; it is going to fall. If you choose the eternal, then something is achieved which is going to be forever and forever.

And nothing less can satisfy you, only the eternal can satisfy you. The momentary cannot satisfy you; rather, on the contrary, it will make you more hungry and more thirsty. It is like someone throwing butter in the fire to put it out: it will become food for the fire and the fire will increase. The momentary is just like butter in the fire of your mind’s desire; it helps it, it is a food. Only the eternal can quench the thirst, there is no other way.

But when I say, “If you choose the eternal, only then do you build your house on a mountain-top, on something rocklike which will endure and your effort will not be wasted,” what do I mean when I say, “If you choose the eternal”? - because the eternal cannot be chosen. If you choose you will always choose the momentary, because choice is of the momentary. Then what do I mean when I say, “Choose the eternal”? I mean: if you can understand that the momentary is useless - by the next moment you will be thirsty again, and this water is not going to destroy your thirst - if you understand this then the momentary drops. It becomes useless, you simply come to understand its meaninglessness. It simply drops and the eternal is chosen: you never choose it.

When the momentary drops, the eternal enters into your life. But the momentary must become absolutely fruitless, meaningless; with the momentary your failure must be total. “Blessed are those who fail in this world” - this beatitude must be added to Jesus’ other beatitudes.

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